Millcreek Massage Therapy

Our progressive ideology is focused towards client health in all facets. As a team we offer a variety of healthcare services. Our services are built to treat acute and chronic ailments as well as to assist with the prevention of any further concerns. Providing a space to relax and connect, we offer an individualized experience for each client.


To assist people to explore alternative health modalities that enhances health and wellness.


To have a clinic that puts the needs of our clients first. 

To have practitioners that work together as a team – make referrals to each other and support one another in their practices always keeping the best health of our clients in mind


Breath is life -  follow it.

Following our breath in and out brings us into the present.

It also reduces stress & increases our overall health.


Pausing creates an internal space - away from the rush of life.

Life happens in the spaces.


Reflecting allows body awareness - feel it.

What is it we need - space, food, movement, rest?