It always happens to me - December arrives and I am surprised!  This has been a very busy year with lots of changes, excitement and shifts.  First Mary left to travel for nine months on a cruise ship, it has been wonderful to share her adventures.  She is coming home soon and we are looking forward to hearing all about it.  

Dorothy is still with us offering great acupuncture and German  auricular acupuncture - she is in Tuesday evenings.

Eleni left for Greece and is back again - she is booking her own clients but is at our clinic - we are very grateful to have her sharing our space.

Teryn joined our team in the summer.  She is an excelent personal trainer and  massage therapist.  This is always a great combination.  We are thrilled to have her expertise as part of the clinic.  On a side note - I used to coach Teryn in soccer and apparently she had her first massage from me.  Funny how things come around.

Cory and Pam have joined our team.  They are both imports from Vancouver.  They add another dimension and many skills to our team.  So excited to have their skills adding to the depth of services we offer.

Pam is working part time Mondays and Thursdays.  She is also teaching massage at MH Vicars School of massage here in the city.

Cory is working full-time and is offering direct billilng.

Anne-Laure has been traveling a great deal this year building on and adding more wonderful skills to share with our clients.  She is here for December this year!

Michelle has had a opportunity present to move to a clinic closer to home with more daytime hours.  We will miss her and we wish her the best of luck with her new en devours. 

Susanne Wallace Osteopath - has shifted hours coming into the clinic - she is focusing on her clinic in Sangudo (approximately 1 hour 20 min north west of the city toward Whitecourt)  She is happy to see people there.

Suzanne Martel - comes in 2- 3 times a week and assists us all in the office.  We so appreciate her!

As for me Natalie, I have shifted my hours and am coming in every second week Monday - Wed.

All of us wan to thank all of our wonderful clients for their support and patronage.  We wish everyone a very safe, healthy and happy holiday season and all the best in 2017.

We are open through the holidays - hope to see you soon.