Spring is a new beginning; as you may have noticed there have been some shifts with our therapists.  Mary has left on a 10 month adventure to explore work and play on a cruise ship.  Erin is taking sometime to focus on her studies.  Dorothy has shifted her time with us - she is here Thurs, Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

As the snow melts and our days get longer it is time to come out of our caves and start anew. Time to look at how we are caring for ourselves, maybe a time for a tune up physically, mentally and/emotionally.

At Millcreek Massage Therapy we can assist in many different ways - massage, acupuncture, osteopathy.  Each modality has a range of techniques that feed our systems.  Too often we let ourselves run dry helping everyone else and putting our own well being on the back burner. 

Make sometime for your spring tune up.  We are looking forward to seeing you